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My April Soundtrack

April 23, 2015

april soundtrack

April showers bring May flowers, but until then here are some spraaaang'd out tunes that have been infiltrating my ears lately.

Salmon Avocado Tacos

April 11, 2015

salmon avocado taco recipe

I have many skills, few of which lie within the realm of culinary adventures. After tons of time spent in organic chemistry lab and living on my own, you'd think I'd be able to work my way around a kitchen, but alas, my in-home menu offerings are limited to spaghetti, bagels, and the occasional omelette (fancy, right?) So you can probably imagine my horror when my parents left for Nashville yesterday morning, forcing me to feed myself for a week! Always one for slouching towards adulthood, I decided now is a better time than ever to broaden my cooking horizon, starting with these Salmon Avocado Tacos...

The Only Thing

April 2, 2015

April weather calls for a little horsing around in front of the camera, and what better sartorial pairing for the occasion than, well, a horse print skirt? Luckily, I had one hanging around in my closet, which made me look as equestrian-ready as I'll ever be with a little help from some riding boots and a faux turtleneck. Ralph Lauren ad campaign, here I come...?

Martha the Model

March 31, 2015

martha stewart model

Worshiping Martha Stewart is a bit of a huge a guilty pleasure of mine. She's the kind of woman who knows how to get things done (erm, insider trading aside), and for that I admire her immensely. While Googling a clip of Martha at the Justin Bieber roast (sooo NSFW, but sooo funny), I came across some fabulous photos from her modelling days that I thought I'd share. Did you know that she once worked for Chanel to pay off her Barnard tuition? Not a bad gig! From Paris to prison (kidding...), Martha Stewart is clearly one cool lady!

Weekend Update // 03.29.15

March 29, 2015

It's time for a Weekend Update, featuring new music by Toro y Moi, Tourist, Japanese Wallpaper and more! Plug in your headphones and get into the groove with these 10 obsession-worthy songs...

On My Radar // 03.27.15

March 27, 2015

Take a trip to a paper town, explore the streets of New York City by moonlight, and raid the beauty collection of a female mogul in this week's edition of On My Radar! Here are the links, articles and clips that have captured my attention recently...

Podcast Pick: Invisibilia

March 24, 2015


Recently I've been listening to podcasts before going to bed as a way of winding down. A favourite of mine is "Invisibilia", a thought-provoking NPR program about the unseen forces that influence human behaviour and psychology. Co-hosts Alix Spiegel and Lulu Miller blend scientific research, real-life case studies and personal insights to explore the incredible power of the emotions, ideas and thought patterns that define our lives.